6 dance styles we love

6 dance styles we love

Today we are having a bit of fun with our personal differences for a two-piece series on dance.  We are calling it 6 Dance Styles We Love (part 1 and part 2 or if you prefer, his and hers edition)

For those of you who don’t know us well we are the cofounders of Fantastix Production Essentials and we met through musical theatre.  Our first show together was Crazy For You, which if you don’t know it is a BIG dance focus show.
You could say I taught Paul to tap dance.
If I were to address the old show adage, ‘what are you?’ my answer back in the day would be dancer, actor, singer in that order.  Paul on the other hand would put dance last 😊 But I will let him address that in part 2

Here is my ex dancer, just for kicks description of 6 styles of dance

Classical Ballet

  • The one I was too ‘big boned’ for with too much structure and discipline for my bandy hypermobile arms.
  • Fluidity, grace, symmetry, and bleeding feet


  • For me Jazz is the Fosse style I was taught as a child (I am not THAT old, but my teacher WAS old school). Now days I appreciate it as an umbrella term for theatrical stage dance.
  • Fusion, theatrical, fun and jazz hands


  • If I had to break down my dance, actor, singer answer further it would be tapper, comic bimbo and melodic ensemble. Tap is my first true love of dance and I remember being physically moved to tears the first time I saw Tap Dogs on The West End while I was living in London.
  • Rhythm, patterns, precision, ‘shave and a haircut’


  • For me the rise in popularity of shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ brought this style into the everyday arena. I love a heartfelt contemporary duet.
  • Passionate, distinct, experimental and unique

Hip Hop

  • Growing up in the 80’s hip hop was synonymous with music videos. I would stay glued to MTV for hours waiting to record (on VHS, yep OLD) and then re watch Michael or Janet Jackson videos to try and learn the routines.
  • Street, funky, fast and on trend


  • I threw this one in as a recent discovery of mine to trip Paul up. Wiki lists Ecstatic Dance as a term used to describe free form dance. The general term ecstatic dance is used to describe transcendental and sacred dance, and other practices of movement meditation.  This translates to me as old school tribal and the idea of using dance as a meditative release really appeals to me.
  • Ancestral, cellular, engrossing and joyful

While the intent of this piece was just for fun, as I wrote two words came to me repeatedly.  Strength and Release. These concepts are circular in their meanings.

To dance you need strength and when you dance you achieve strength both inner and outer strength.  To dance in a pure form you need to release all inhibition and through dance you gain a wonderful sense of release.

Paul will chip in with his ten cents next time.

Join the conversation and tell us about your favourite dance style and what it means to you.

Have a Fantastix day


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