5 things the pros are doing to promote their show that you can try too

5 things the pros are doing to promote their show that you can try too

We are blessed with an overflowing community theatre calendar, in the Sydney metro there are 55 musical societies to choose from not to mention other theatre groups.  This leaves hard working volunteers left facing the challenge of how their message will be heard in a noisy marketplace.

There are a few things that Professional Groups do well that we believe can be applied in the community arena.

  1. Create and sell a VIP ticket package

You’ve seen them advertised, maybe even bought one, take this example from Book of Mormon

Two ‘The Book of Mormon’ Tickets. (Premium or A Reserve as chosen)

– A souvenir show program

– Two glasses of Veuve Clicquot (or another bar selection)

– Two of our famous Choc Top Ice Creams

– Luxury chocolate selection

– Express ticket & package collection from our VIP collection counter

What could this look like for the budget conscious community group?

  • Tickets in a designated VIP area (ask us how to set this up in our box office)
  • No need to bust out the Moet any two drinks will do depending on your target market (obviously the type will depend on your licencing and theatre restrictions). On the flip side, why NOT crack out the Veuve for a V.VIP package for opening night?
  • There are all kinds of snacks on the go you can provide – again consider your target market. Putting on a kid show – mini pack of chips and a juice box.  Posh show – try your local craft brewery for ideas, our mate Trevor from Craft Brew Coop would be happy to talk options.  You are only limited by your imagination
  1. Create and sell a VIP experience

Meet and greet experiences with pop stars start in the thousands and all it costs is their time!

If you have the right type of venue space, consider having a VIP ‘green room’ experience package available for purchase.  Allow patrons to mingle with cast in costume, get photos and autographs.  Throw in a drink and a snack.  You will need to get opt in from the cast and ensure that they are on time and behaving appropriately.  Remember to make it time sensitive as your cast will want to mingle with family and friends.  Just make sure the exclusivity of the experience matches the asking price.

  1. Theme your catering

We’ve all been to WICKED right?  All you need is to hire a slushie machine – you can do alcoholic or non-alcoholic versions depending on your Front of House licence.  Never undervalue the profits available through your food and beverage sales.  For many groups it is one of the biggest earners.  All you need is a great name for your drink!! <<insert canva graphic with drink names>> You can promote your drink idea via social media.

You are not limited to drinks; consider adding themed snacks to the menu.  Pinterest has hundreds of ideas – just search themed party food.  No time to make or bake?  No worries!  It can be as simple as renaming store bought items with fun names as added incentive to purchase.  I know I would be much more likely to buy a packet of Cheese and Spam Balls at Spamalot than a packet of Cheese and Bacon Balls, just for the fun of ordering them.

Check out this puntastic site for ideas

  1. Sell cheap tickets to a final dress rehearsal

Secure opt in from your management and production teams and this can be packaged and sold to schools.  Bundle it up as a learning opportunity with behind the scenes tours and Q & A opportunities and approach your local high school drama teacher.  You will need to be organised well in advance for this as schools will need time to get it onto the school calendar and process permission notes etc.

  1. Team up with a restaurant

Ideally one with a strong social media presence.  A great option to help you both achieve higher sales during the quieter mid-week performances.  Negotiate a meal deal with them and reduce your ticket price for the package.  The cross promotion will allow both parties to increase their market reach.  Who doesn’t love dinner and a show!

Have you tried any of these marketing strategies? Got a Fantastix idea of your own?  Share it here with the community.  Want more ways to promote your show, download our freebie with 101 ideas

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