9 ways printing complements your online marketing campaign

9 ways printing complements your online marketing campaign

Social media feels like the most obvious way to promote your production.  BUT it can be an extremely noisy and overcrowded place that is at the mercy of an algorithm beyond your control.

Before Social Media (BSM) we all relied on more traditional ways to get our message out there.  Today we are sharing 9 ideas for you that incorporate the best of both on and offline promotion techniques and show you how offline methods can work in conjunction with online world to get you more bang for your promotional buck.

  • Business cards are back, Baby! Due to its size you can have a business card on you at all times. Now you’ll never miss a chance to plug your latest and greatest production. A great idea is to include a discount offer for example a ticket discount promo code on your card design. Or another call to action, like an invitation to like your social media pages.
  • Your Front of House (FOH) area should not be neglected. You can get extra on-line publicity via a funky media-wall, Instagram frame and/or pull-up banner. They are not as expensive as they look. They can be interactive and dress up your FOH a treat! Ensure you include all your hashtags and website information in the designs and your patrons will do your promotion for you when they share and tag the photos they take.

  • Outdoor Signage. Give commuters something to read – and to buy – whilst they sit in traffic. A well placed corflute sign or vinyl banner is an inexpensive way of spreading your message to a captive audience. Have a look and see how many traffic jammy locations you can see as you drive along – I bet dozens! We suggest you avoid council fencing or check in with them to avoid fines.  Schools, small businesses or private home owners are a better bet.

  • Pay It Forward. Outdoor Signs. Once you’ve finished with them, give your corflute signs or vinyl banners to a local school or community group. They can use the other side for their garage sale, cake stall or BBQ fundraiser. Not only is it good for the environment – they might even give you a shout out on social media. Win – win!
  • Colouring-in Competition. If you are doing a Jr Production, dance recital or a show for children, a colouring-in competition is a perfect marketing tool for you. Not only does it engage your core demographic, you have something with which to decorate FOH. Pro tip: Use a hashtag and have the entries submitted on-line and you have some extra social media cut-through as well.
  • Market Stall. Set-up a stand at your local shopping centre, market day and/or school fete. Using pull-up banners, business cards, flyers, a table, colouring-in pages, your musicals soundtrack plus members of your enthusiastic cast you will be selling tickets in no time – and maybe recruiting some new members too.
  • Strategic Partnership. Is there a local coffee shop near where you perform or rehearse? Probably. Why not sponsor their loyalty card? You will be in a coffee lovers pocket at all times and be front of mind whenever they order that much needed coffee hit. The coffee shop might even sponsor you in return by advertising in your program or give you an ongoing shout out on their social pages.
  • Car Advertising. Promote your group, society or studio by branding up a vehicle. It can be as simple as putting an image on your back window. Not sure where to start? Ask us how.
  • Merchandise. With user-friendly sites such as Red Bubble out there getting your cast in the latest and greatest gear is a piece of cake. Choose from T-shirts, bags, phone covers, coffee mugs and your cast will promote your show just by getting dressed…and having a coffee! Simple. You can also set your gear up as fundraisers and sell the items to earn a small commission.

Remember the Fantastix Print Shop can help you with all your printed materials from design to delivery; here is the link to contact Paul for a custom quote.

Want a copy of this list to reference later?  You can download it FREE here.

Want to add to this list?  Let us know in the comments if you have other Fantastix ideas to share with the community.

Until next time, be Fantastix!


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