ChOctober – Spoilt for Choice or Oversupply?

ChOctober – Spoilt for Choice or Oversupply?

My Facebook feed is full of musical theatre production marketing. Check.

I have a sudden influx of orders for flyers, posters, programs and pull-up banners. Check.

The fences are full of corflute signs promoting an array of productions. Check.

Yep. It’s October.

October is a bumper month for musical theatre. There are a few months of the year that are absolutely bursting at the seams with theatre options. October is one of them. Which leads me to the question – are we being spoilt for choice or is there an oversupply?

In my local area there were three productions – Big Fish, Miracle on 34th Street and Rock of Ages – being performed over the same short period. Further afield, Anything Goes, Shrek, Big, Singing in the Rain, Spamalot, Chicago, Little Shop of Horrors, Margaret Fulton, Silent Night Lonely Night and False Pretences are all vying for our attention in the Sydney Theatrical Community. I’m sure this isn’t all of them either (apologies to anyone I left out…).

I see more theatre in October than any other time of the year.

I saw all three local productions over the same weekend. What I did notice was that when able all three casts were attending each other productions. There was a feeling that they were not competing for an audience but enhancing each other’s productions with support and well wishes. Even though each production was attracting a different style of audience I also saw the same people at all three productions immersing themselves in the musical theatre scene.

I appreciate that our theatrical budgets can only go so far. However, I think this concentration of productions within a short period of time could be a good thing for the Societies.

With all the shows on offer you can’t help but have theatre sitting front of mind. This is the time when all the theatre folk come out to play, spend money and have some fun. This is not just one production – it is a festival of theatre – a ‘theatre crawl’. With all the societies supporting each other there is a great chance that you’ll meet other performers you know. Find out what show they are in and whilst you’re in the mood for theatre go along to that too.

Or… Is there too much on and this time of year has the overwhelming problem of what productions to support with the time and money that we have?

We are hosting a Facebook LIVE in our Cast & Crew Community group on Sunday 28th October at 8.30pm. 

We would love you to join us and share your thoughts? Oversupply or spoilt for choice?

I’m going on a theatre crawl! Care to join me…? 

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