Top 5 – Musical Theatre Earworms

Top 5 – Musical Theatre Earworms

Open this article at your own risk…!

I was apprehensive about posting this due to the ramifications it might have on the reader. I decided that I would and apologise in advance for the sleepless nights and internal rumblings it might cause.

I’ve enjoyed a lot of theatre over the last few months and via Fantastix I am looking forward to enjoying so much more. However, there’s been one noticeable side effect.


That piece of music that works its way into your head and hangs around doing backflips in your brain.

To give a few examples – it all started when I worked the Box Office at The Regals’ Rock of Ages. ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey got stuck in my head and was there for over a week. Every time I returned to the theatre – sure enough the song would get stuck in my head all over again. I did some printing for Jesus Christ Superstar and by association ‘What’s the Buzz?’ got in uninvited and refused to leave. Considering I have to wait until March for Miranda Musical Society to ‘Tell me what’s happening’ this was proving a concern.

Luckily, if that’s the word for it, I went to see Little Shop of Horrors at EUCMS and whilst the production was thoroughly enjoyable – do you think I could get ‘Little Shop. Little Shop of Horrors’ out of my head?

By far the worst one to date has been Little Triangles’ The Wild Party title track which actually succeeded in keeping me awake for an entire night! It’s that damn catchy…
Rounding my earworm ‘top 5’ was ‘One Day More’ at the MMS 2019 Season Launch. Considering the worm consists of only two lines “One day more. One day more to revolution…” it’s all getting a bit repetitive. But I believe that’s the idea.

I guess my underlying question was ‘How do you solve a problem like an earworm’? Now you have Sound of Music songs in your head…Sorry about that!

I did some research and from where the above Maria related question originally arose, Scientific American, it was suggested that chewing gum would help remove an earworm. I tried. I chewed. It doesn’t.

The other technique is to the fill the space with something else. But what? Suggestions were playing a musical instrument or singing another song out loud. So I sang. I sang loud and with great gusto. Try as I may as I made my hour and 10-minute trip home from Eastwood, the Little Shop in my mind was still well and truly open for business.

The other piece of advice what to try not to think about it. Thanks Einstein!

The positive I’m taking from all of this is that if these songs become the unintended soundtrack of my life then it’s not all bad. I can think of worse things than musical theatre getting stuck in my head for all eternity – Bieber’s ‘Baby Baby Baby Oh’ for example. Whoops I did it again…

What are your ‘favourite’ Musical Theatre ‘Earworms?’

Do you have any remedies to cure an earworm?

Let me know. PLEASE…

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