Top 5 reasons to check out the Fantastic Fantastix Podcast

Top 5 reasons to check out the Fantastic Fantastix Podcast

Airing fortnightly, the podcast’s interview format will see each episode structured around a ‘top 5’ where our guest counts down their top 5 for a certain topic for example;

Top 5 Musicals Adapted from Books

Top 5 Musical Theatre Drinking Songs

Top 5 Ways to support Community Theatre without it costing you a cent

We already have plenty of guests lined up to talk to us, the recording sessions are in full swing and the first episode goes live on 14th February.

We are talking to performers, producers (committee members, production teams) and providers (e.g. marketing, lighting, costumes, props). The Fantastic Fantastix podcast will capture the on stage AND behind the scenes aspects of putting on a show.

In the spirit of the podcast format here are our top 5 reasons we think you should listen to Fantastic Fantastix the musical theatre podcast that really counts

  1. You might learn something about musical theatre that you didn’t already know

It’s a mad, mad, mad world out there, bursting with musical theatre content. Paul is crafting the conversations you didn’t know you needed to hear.  We are sourcing amazing guests, filtering and curating data to deliver you fun and facts on your favourite subject.

  1. Who doesn’t love a countdown?

The human brain is innately inquisitive and we love the thrill of anticipation. Our brains are hardwired to want to solve puzzles and find answers. So a countdown plays right into your ‘need to know’.  We’ve designed the podcast topics to keep you interested in what the order will be and what our guests put at No. 1 for each episode

Your brain also craves lists and simplification of information. We understand you are busy and our hope is that the countdown format and handy downloads helps you with some of that heavy lifting.

  1. We have something for everyone

Paul’s done the singing dancing thing on stage. He’s directed. He’s called the shots as stage manager and manned the follow spot. He’s built, painted and bumped in sets. He’s poured the wine and sold the Mars bars in front of house and ushered you to your seats. He’s been President, VP and Treasurer of the management committee and he’s sold fundraising chocolates and flipped snags on the Bunnings BBQ.  Because we’ve worn all the hats we have a breadth of knowledge across a wide range of aspects of what it takes to put on a show.  Our guests are both specialists and generalists alike.

  1. You get to ‘meet’ some cool and interesting people

You wish you could hang around at the stage door for hours after the show mingling and chatting but never have the time.  Perhaps you are a bit shy.  Through Fantastic Fantastix you get to immerse yourself in rich musical theatre conversations.

  1. Its musical theatre and who doesn’t like talking about musical theatre?

We are all about crafting conversations!  Because we love talking musical theatre and we know you do too, we are crowd sourcing our topic ideas and bringing you the themes and ideas you ask to hear about.  The countdowns are not based on votes or downloads or other scientific data.  The rankings are unique personal views and we love the discussions that are spurred during AND after our interviews.

Jump on the waitlist here to stay up to date when each new episode drops, like our FB Page to see sneak peaks on future guests.  Join our Facebook Group and dive into the conversations to add your own thoughts to the topic and countdowns.

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