#005: Lesser Known Musicals That You Need to Know About with Kenney Ogilvie

#005: Lesser Known Musicals That You Need to Know About with Kenney Ogilvie

“I gave up Mary Poppins tickets to be here”

Surely there’s more to Musical Theatre than Phantom, Hamilton and Les Miserables. What about the lesser known (i.e. off, off Broadway) under represented musicals that should have – nay deserve to have our attention! Luckily director, actor, committee member, graphic designer, musical theatre lover and perennial audience member, Kenney Ogilvie, has come to the rescue. Kenney discusses his highly subjective top 5 lesser known musicals that we need to know about.


  • How many shows Kenney see’s each year
  • The furthest he has travelled to see community theatre
  • The not disgusting enough show of 2018
  • Listening trivia night epic fail
  • An awesome hangover song (flash back to last episode #004)
  • The writers that grew up with Disney
  • Directing wish list for the show with 5 part male harmonies
  • Story time with Kenney (Deserves it’s own jingle…)
  • A Big HINT to committees on behalf of Craig Stewart
  • An inspiring, wordy musical and a cautionary tale told by ghosts
  • The time Kenney went Swedish Chef on stage

TOP 5 – Kenney

  • 5 – Next Thing You Know
  • 4 –Burnt Part Boys
  • 3- Toxic Avenger
  • 2- I SING!
  • 1 – Whisper House



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