#006. Ways To Support Musical Theatre Without it Costing You Anything with Michele Lansdown

#006. Ways To Support Musical Theatre Without it Costing You Anything with Michele Lansdown

“I know everything about the Facebook Algorithm”

This episode is all about bums… bums on seats that is!

That’s right! F-R-E-E Free! There are so many ways you can support musical theatre without it costing you anything. By the end of this episode you could have 101 of them! Paul spoke with Michele Lansdown from Heymish PR – a marketing guru for the entertainment industry. Because whether you are a performer, producer, committee member or a member of our supportive audience you can help – and it’s free! Michele even turns the tables and asks Paul the fast five – it’s time to learn something about our host…


  • PR 1980’s style
  • Half time vs interval. Crowd v Audience
  • Getting more Facebook fans than Kyle and Jackie O
  • Babs had it right
  • Helping community theatre can be good for small business owners
  • Cracking the Facebook Algorithm
  • Volunteer as the life blood of community theatre
  • Where the onion should be on a sausage sanga and crispy vs al dente bacon
  • The musical that featured an accidental Mr Whippy…

Michele’s TOP 5

  • 5 – If you have a tickets, get people to go along with you. FILL YOUR CAR.
  • 4 – Take groups flyers/poster to your workplace and get them in the public eye
  • 3- Tell your social media peeps with a personal story or recommendation (don’t forget the booking link)
  • 2- Take the publicity survey seriously. Give a unique view point that an editor will notice
  • 1 – Put your hand up – volunteer



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