Rockdale Musical Society is Off to see the Wizard to Celebrate 80 years

Rockdale Musical Society is Off to see the Wizard to Celebrate 80 years

It’s been 80 years since The Wizard of Oz engaged audiences on the big screen.

The trip to the land of Oz has been engaging audiences for generations. With performance start times designed specially to suit younger audiences a new generation will be able to fall in love with this stage musical presented by The Rockdale Musical Society (RMS)

Coincidentally RMS is also celebrating 80 years having formed in October 1939. We encourage you to head down the yellow brick road to celebrate both milestones!

I made my way to Rockdale Town Hall with the intentions of filming an episode of ‘That’s Fantastix’ arriving to a hive of bump in activity. Sets being built, costumes being finalised, sound & lighting being installed, and some very impressive looking projections being prepared. The orchestra was setting up in the foyer.

Finding a quiet place to film proved a challenge. However, I still got the chance to speak to Dorothy and some of her friends about their adventure in Oz.

Georgia Herbert is playing the role of Dorothy.

I’ve always loved The Wizard of Oz. My grandma gave me a pair of red shoes when I was young which I always wore, and I watched the movie on a constant basis. My mum (Carina) also loves the movie and we watch it together and still love it to this day.

The Wizard of Oz is certainly a Herbert family affair with Carina directing the production, Rod and Carina on committee and Harry involved behind the scenes.

We’re all so busy at the moment!

Laughs Georgia.

We have dinner conversations about characterisation and as we pass each other in the hallway about whether sets have been built.

There is also a fifth member of the Herbert family treading the boards of Rockdale Town Hall.

Toto is my dog, Bruiser, who first appeared in Legally Blonde. It’s made the process of working with a real dog easier. He follows me around the house anyway and we have a Dorothy/Toto type relationship already.

Tim Wotherspoon is playing the role of the Scarecrow. Brad Gavin is the Tin-Man and Dan Schneider plays the Cowardly Lion. Paul asked Tim if there were any personal traits that each of the three performers bring to their characters.

Well firstly. Brad – that is playing the Tin-Man – has a very kind heart and Dan is far from a coward and is quite brave and out-there in real life. And…I’d like to think I have a brain. So, I think we are playing our opposites.

Having played the Tin-Man previously, Tim is thrilled to have been able to play both roles.

It’s been an enjoyable trip down memory lane for me and I’ve appreciated seeing the production from another side this time. There are not many people who have had the chance to play more than one of these roles. They are such wonderful characters.

Dan Schneider is relishing playing the role of the Cowardly Lion.

The best thing is that I get to completely overact to the point of ridiculousness. And then be told that it’s not ridiculous enough and to give more. It’s a fun role!  The costume weighs nearly 10 kilos and the tail – which has a life of its own – Is nearly 3 kilos! I loved watching The Wizard of Oz as a kid – especially the Lion. From watching the movie so many times I just knew I had to have this role. It was the Cowardly Lion – or death…

The scariest part of the Wizard of Oz for me was the Wicked Witch.

Dan recalls

She’s green and has a big scary castle. It’s the darkness of her environment. I do, however, think she is a bit misunderstood.

Nicole Butler, who previously played Ariel in Rockdale Musical Society’s, The Little Mermaid, steps into the role of the green faced villain.

I have fifteen minutes to get greened up – which will be interesting

I asked her to compare playing a princess to the Wicked Witch.

I really want to be a princess! I want to wear a pretty dress and a crown!!”

responds Nicole enthusiastically

But it must be said – the Wicked Witch of the West gets to use fire and that’s cool and very impressive…

Presented by Rockdale Musical Society, The Wizard of Oz opens at the Rockdale Town Hall on the 8th of March for 10 child friendly timed performances.

Friday MARCH 8 at 7:30pm

Saturday MARCH 9 at 11am and 4pm

Sunday MARCH 10 at 11am and 4pm

Friday MARCH 15 at 7:30pm

Saturday MARCH 16 at 11am and 4pm

Sunday MARCH 17 at 11am and 4pm

Directed by Carina Herbert

Musical Direction by David Lang

Choreography by Donna Brotherson.

Tickets can be purchased via

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