Top 5 Musicals Based on Books

Top 5 Musicals Based on Books

My guest today is Tim Dennis. As well as being President of Miranda Musical Society, and Director of their current production Jesus Christ Superstar, Tim is an avid reader. I thought it would be a novel idea to talk to Tim about books more specifically about books that musicals have been based on. Tim is part of a multi generation musical theatre family; we discussed this wonderful ‘hobby’ of community theatre and the part it has played in his life. We spoke about our favourite musicals that are based on books, books that should be made into musicals and of course the ever popular fantastic Fast Five. Currently in the final week of rehearsals of Jesus Christ Superstar let’s check in with Tim Dennis, discuss the Top 5 Musicals based on books and see if everything’s alright. Yes. Everything’s fine!


  • Who was Tim canoodling with on a Barricade in Les Mis?
  • Paul’s one and only butch role
  • Which Miranda Musical Society show is frequently touted as a favourite?
  • Which show did Tim fall in love with, hearing just the first 3 bars of the soundtrack?
  • “In Bob we trust”
  • Which book had Tim NOT read before he saw the musical?
  • The top selling book of all time that did NOT make it into the Top 5
  • Books that Tim and Paul would love to see made into Musicals
  • Quotable quote “ the collaborative JOY of an all-consuming hobby”

Tim’s Top 5

  1. Wicked
  2. les Miserables
  3. Into The Woods
  4. Man of La Mancha
  5. Oliver

5.01. Little Women

Paul’s Top 5

  1. The Wizard of Oz
  2. Les Miserables
  3. Seussical
  4. Matilda
  5. Man of La Mancha 


As always thank you for listening!

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