8 Must Haves For Your Rehearsal Bag

8 Must Haves For Your Rehearsal Bag

So…I’m finally doing another show on stage. Hooray! Rehearsals have recently started and I’ve noticed that lots of people have very organised rehearsal bags. The longer rehearsals can be a bit of a trial so I thought I’d list the must have items to take to rehearsal to get through it relatively unscathed.

1. Script and Score. This might sound obvious but there are plenty of people who leave their script on the bedside table or kitchen bench. Getting to rehearsal and having to block a scene without it can be extremely painful.

2. Pencil, eraser, page tabs, highlighter*. Most scripts and scores are meant to be returned at the end of the show run – so go easy on the lead pencil, people! However, it is essential to take notes so that you can do the much-needed preparation between rehearsals. I’m old school and like a paper script. I like marking the scenes I’m in with page tabs. Other people like an electronic version – which is fine too – I just find them a bit cumbersome.

*Only use a highlighter if you are permitted to keep the script and score – otherwise you’ll most likely be up for a replacement fee.

3. Water Bottle. Keeping hydrated is a must particularly during the longer dance rehearsals. A metal insulated water bottle is fine – until you knock it over during a music rehearsal. During the last show I was involved with there were 96 kids. We had to resort to putting the metal bottles in a bucket until they were needed. Water keeps your vocal chords lubricated but also improves your mental edge.

4. Rehearsals can run long and when you’re hungry you can lose focus. Bring easy to eat snacks. Fruit, crackers, chocolate, lollies, cough drops, something minty – whatever will tame Mr. Hangry. If it’s a longer rehearsal maybe a cup-a-soup or hot chocolate sachet. If you’re lucky enough to have a ‘Barbara’ like Miranda Musical Society, then your snacking requirements will be taken care of. Thanks Barb!

5. Shoes. Shoes. Jazz shoes. Tap shoes. Camel-coloured character shoes. Comfy shoes. Take all the different shoes that you might need for the rehearsal. It’s a huge advantage to be used to performing in the correct shoes.

6. Extra clothes. Wearing layers is a great idea when rehearsing. A jacket for when it’s cold. Active wear for chorey. Something extremely comfy for a sit and sing rehearsal. We occasionally have theme nights such as pyjamas or a certain colour for a bit of fun.

7. Phone charger or power bank. Your smartphone gets quite the workout during the longer rehearsals. Take a charger or power bank so it makes the distance. As an aside, it would be worth checking in at rehearsal to promote the show. use a photo, a boomerang, short video of people having fun. Get permission prior to posting any content of the show.

8. If you want some alone time or escape with a cute cat video, headphones are a must. A rehearsal space can be a noisy environment so whatever you can do to keep your noise to yourself is appreciated.

What’s in your rehearsal bag?

Would you add anything to the list?

Let us know in the comments.

Until next time …Be Fantastix!


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