Top 5 All American Musicals with Bob Corff

Top 5 All American Musicals with Bob Corff

USA! USA! USA! Happy 4th of July. It’s Independence Day. Today’s episode is all about the great American musical. Everything in America is big and this episode is no exception.

Not only have I got my first international guest, this episode of Fantastic Fantastix is nearly an hour long. I spoke with someone who was involved with amongst others The mother of Dragons, fighting with light sabres and a wizard with a scar on his head. Bob Corff is a Broadway performer turned vocal coach and has worked with many a-list stars and on many of the blockbuster movies. We spoke about the top 5 all-American musicals, his big break at a gas station, performing as Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, becoming a vocal coach, his favourite warm-up techniques and accents. He told me a great story about Leonard Bernstien and during the fast five he talks about being wooed for the role of Jean Val Jean on Broadway. I loved my chat with Bob Corff (A.K.A. The Voice Doctor) as we discussed the Top 5 All-American musicals.


  • What does Bob get up to on the 4th July?
  • Which show could Bob never tire of performing in?
  • What triggered the birth of vocal coaching business?
  • How many huge Hollywood names can Paul drop in one episode?
  • Oh God I Need This Job – a tearjerker
  • The melting pot of nationalities that makes up American Musicals
  • According to Bob there’s not a bad song in which show?
  • Why can’t we all just get along? – the underlining theme of so many musicals
  • The musical town Paul think’s is the epitome of the America of yesteryear?
  • Which musical do Bob and Paul agree is timeless and people will always get it?
  • Is Hamilton the new Rent? Will it stand the test of time?
  • Did Bob REALLY give Leonard Bernstein everything he had?
  • Skype working closer than any piano rehearsal room
  • Speaking versus singing and working with muscle memory
  • Be sure to listen to the whole episode and hear Bob “talk” us through an array of accents

Bob’s Top 5 All American Musicals

  1. Hair
  2. South Pacific
  3. Fiddler on the Roof
  4. Carousel
  5. A Chorus Line

Paul’s Top 5

  1. Oklahoma
  2. Hamilton
  3. Guys & Dolls
  4. Bye Bye Birdie
  5. The Music Man


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