Top 5 Musical Theatre Sidekicks

Top 5 Musical Theatre Sidekicks

Today I thought I’d discuss an unsung hero of the musical theatre world  – the sidekick. That ever faithful, long-suffering, bumbling, punching bag that we all know and love. I am speaking with theatre performance, screen and voice actor and according to his website a pretty nice guy, Nicholas Richard, who has played many sidekicks over the years and is currently appearing as Manuel in Faulty Towers The Original Dining Experience. We discussed the traits that makes a good sidekick, the difference between a sidekick and a dynamic duo, The newly created Fantastix Sidekick Quotient and most importantly the Top 5 Musical Theatre Sidekicks…

So, let’s see what happens when two self-confessed sidekicks discuss the Top 5 Musical Theatre Sidekicks.


  • What is the job of the sidekick?
  • Are sidekicks pitied or loved?
  • What allows Nicholas to produce better facial expressions?
  • The ‘vague out’ clause of his current role
  • How the Sidekick and comedy goes hand in hand
  • Sidekick’s as the catalyst of change and drivers of the story line
  • Who wins the crown of Ultimate Sidekick according to both Paul and Nicholas?
  • How much of Nicholas is in his Sidekick roles and how much of the Sidekicks are in Nicholas?
  • Who is the only villain’s sidekick to make the list?
  • How many times in the episode will you hear “ying and yang”?
  • What is the biggest show stopping number sung by a Sidekick according to Paul?
  • What do you call a group of Sidekicks?
  • Is Disney the master of Sidekick roles?
  • The fascinating reality that both Lion King and Star Wars both = sidekick central
  • Does having more sidekick’s in your show = greater success? #fantastixsidekickquotient
  • How The Gansta’s Ball introduced Nicholas to Swing Dancing
  • What is it like to eat a doona?
  • The importance of acting a song
  • Remember Faulty Towers – it’s with a U!

Top5 – Nicholas

  1. Patsy – Spamalot
  2. Sipos – She Loves Me
  3. Elder Cunningham – Book of Mormon
  4. Leo Bloom – The Producers
  5. Donkey – Shrek

Top 5 – Paul

  1. Patsy – Spamalot
  2. Sancho – Man of La Mancha
  3. Riff Raff – The Rocky Horror Show
  4. LeFou – Beauty and the Beast
  5. Donkey – Shrek

Honourable Mentions

  • Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion – Wizard of Oz
  • The other Heathers – Heathers
  • Barnaby – Holly Dolly
  • The 7 Dwarfs – Snow White


The Interactive Theatre International Dining Experience – Faulty Towers 

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