Hamilton – The ‘All-Australian’ Musical with Guest Vlogger Nib Oswald

Hamilton – The ‘All-Australian’ Musical with Guest Vlogger Nib Oswald

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months and didn’t know – Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop Broadway phenomenon “Hamilton” is coming to Sydney in 2021.

Our Guest Vlogger is Nib Oswald who Paul met whilst standing on the Les Miserables barricade belonging to Miranda Musical Society which is being constructed for September 2019.

A Musical Theatre tragic and self-professed hip-hop aficionado, Nib presents his suggestions for local Australian performers who would totally suit the roles.

According to Nib, when large scale productions finally arrive in Australia, it is often international performers given the opportunity to perform in the leading roles. Australia has rather lax regulations regarding overseas performers getting preference over local talent when compared to much stricter regulations in the USA and UK. This limits Australian performers in getting such opportunities – even when Aussie artists seem to be doing well in Hollywood and on the Billboard charts.

Nib has put together a list of local Australian hip-hop and musical performers to promote our local talent, and hopefully will open up some topics of discussion along the way about the general performing arts industry in this country and the issues that Hamilton Australia raises.

Please be advised that a language warning is attached to this YouTube Vlog and whilst it’s only minor (a few f-bombs here and there…), younger viewer discretion is advised.

What are your thoughts on Hamilton coming to Australia?

What issues arise when casting the show and how should our local industry be represented?

Let us know in the comments via our Cast & Crew Community or via Nib’s YouTube channel.


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