Top 5 Musical Theatre Divas with Virginia Natoli

Top 5 Musical Theatre Divas with Virginia Natoli

I am surprised that this episode’s guest even allowed me to be part of this podcast, she demanded her own dressing room and to have grapes peeled and fed to her on the hour.  Today I am speaking about and to a Musical Theatre Diva!

My special guest today is currently playing Maria Callas in D2 Production’s Masterclass so before she gets me kicked out of the studio let’s hear from the wonderful Virginia Natoli

Virginia’s Top 5 

  1. Eva Peron – Evita
  2. Norma Desmond – Sunset Boulevarde
  3. Mrs Lovett – Sweeney Todd
  4. Mamma Rose – Gypsy
  5. Reno Sweeny – Anything Goes
  6. Maria Callas – Masterclass

Paul’s Top 5

  1. Eva Peron – Evita
  2. Mamma Rose – Gypsy
  3. Dolly Levi – Hello Dolly!
  4. Fanny Bryce – Funny Girl
  5. Annie – Annie Get Your Gun


  • Who does Virginia base her entire Top 5 on?
  • In true diva fashion how many roles in Virginia’s top 5?
  • Insights into Dementia Australia fundraising
  • “We need more women for our show”
  • Do belty songs and Diva roles go hand in hand
  • Which manipulator sneaks onto the list
  • Did Diva #2 have a touch of dementia?
  • More belting per minute than any other show
  • For which role did Virginia live like a hermit
  • Who is the Diva in disguise, and what is the disguise?
  • Is this a Michele Lansdown fan club meeting
  • How many Dolly’s are too many to have on stage at one time?
  • What homework does Virginia have to take home after the show?
  • The Opera Diva of ALL Divas in a show where she doesn’t sing
  • The Diva’s trio – pizza, chocolate and wine
  • Could you really sing a duet with Patti LuPone?
  • Why does Virginia need to build a bridge?


Masterclass with D2 Productions

27th – 30th November 2019

Gallery Room, Kirribilli Centre



In aid of Dementia Australia.

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