What’s your vision for 2020?

What’s your vision for 2020?

I can see it now. Across the PR landscape advertising executives are resisting the temptation to use a ‘2020 Vision’ statement for next year’s marketing campaign… It’s just too obvious.

But it does pose a thought-provoking question. What is your Community Theatre vision for 2020?

It’s seven weeks until the new year (Yes! Seven weeks…). Most of your local community theatre groups have announced their productions for next year. Auditions are fast approaching (grab audition tips here). Now is a great time to assess your options.

There are many contributing factors to a performer choosing which production to audition for.

I posed the question ‘What is your Community Theatre vision for 2020?’ in the Fantastix November Newsletter about the year 2020. And got some excellent responses.

The questions respondents (including me) asked themselves were as follows.

  • Where do you like doing a show?
  • What kinds of roles do you like, enjoy, relate to and/or are good at?
  • Do you like the productions that are on offer? Do you know much about them?
  • Can you see yourself getting excited about being in the production? Which role(s) are you most interested in?
  • Do you like the Production Team?
  • When is the production on? Do you have any other plans for next year?
  • Once you decide what productions are of interest to you – it’s time to be successful at the audition.
  • Would you buy a ticket to the production?
  • Is this a role that you intensely desire to bring to the stage?
  • Does the production you love accurately reflect the demographics of the area it is being produced in?
  • Can the character you’re auditioning for, reflect your nationality & gender?
  • Is the content of the character’s role something you are comfortable performing on stage?
  • Would you sell the show to your mother, your best friend, your next-door neighbour?
  • What skills do I need brush up on prior to the audition?

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to the number of productions to choose from. We are also spoilt by the quality of the many, many musical societies in Sydney.

You can’t do every production. What considerations would you add to the above list?

What shows are you excited about in 2020?

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  1. Bankstown Theatre Co In The Heights, Packemin’s Les Mis and Regals Be More Chill and Anything Goes.

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