Top 5 Party Scenes in Musical Theatre with Julie Ryan

Top 5 Party Scenes in Musical Theatre with Julie Ryan


The great thing about my birthday is that I get to share it with my twin sister, Julie.

We have thrown some great birthday parties over the years. …And since it was Julie that first encouraged me to join The Regals Musical Society back in 1996 – I thought we should discuss the Top 5 Party Scenes in Musical Theatre.

I have to say it’s a tough category to narrow down to just 5 – but between the two of us, I’m sure we’ll manage.

Happy birthday, Julie!! I hope it’s Fantastic Fantastix…

Julie’s Top 5

  1. Til Death Do Us Party – Tickets Please
  2. Sadie Hawkin’s Day – Lil Abner
  3. Embassy Ball/Ascot – My Fair Lady
  4. Gym Scene – West Side Story
  5. Blow Gabriel Blow – Anything Goes

Paul’s Top 5

  1. Rhythm of Life – Sweet Charity
  2. Gym Scene – West Side Story
  3. Big Fun – Heathers
  4. Dancing Through Life – Wicked
  5. High School Prom Scene – Carrie

Honourable Mentions

  • Dancing Through Life – Wicked
  • Masquerade – Phantom of the Opera
  • Be Our Guest – Beauty & The Beast
  • High School Dance – Bare
  • Clam Bake – Carousel (Dishonourable Mention)



  • What did Paul and Julie dress up as for their Pairs Party?
  • How many children were in Cats Julie?
  • Who doesn’t want a pancake at 11pm after a performance!?!
  • Party scenes = ensemble numbers, there’s no better way to party!
  • If you’re gonna party you’ve got to DANCE!
  • In which show are you tired before you even dance?
  • Which show will Julie continue to rally to have done again? Calling all football teams!
  • The 2004 schlock horror musical you need to know about #spoileralert
  • Singing in the wings – you’re still part of the party!
  • A great party for all the wrong reasons
  • How many top 5 matches will the twins have?
  • How did they leave out all the band scenes in Rock of Ages?
  • Invite Julie to a party – she loves to cook!
  • Would you like to hear a Julie and Julie duet?
  • Visit our Facebook Page or Group and keep the party going, we know our top 5 only scratched the surface and we’d love to hear from you! Consider it a birthday gift and join the conversation.


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  1. My fav party song from a musical would be Wedding Singer Granny’s Rap

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