Top 5 Musicals That Are Fantastix But We May Never See On Stage Again

Top 5 Musicals That Are Fantastix But We May Never See On Stage Again

Shorter episode this week. I am flying solo to count down a very specific Top 5 – Musicals That Are Fantastix But We May Never See On Stage Again.

We have time today for a Top 5 AND some exciting news. The Online Community Theatre Christmas Party is back! All the details are in the podcast, below in the show notes and via this link

Paul’s Top 5

  1. Lil Abner
  2. Finian’s Rainbow
  3. Kiss Me Kate
  4. The Pyjama Game
  5. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Honourable Mentions

  • Annie Get Your Gun
  • Brigadoon
  • Damn Yankees
  • Paint Your Wagon



  • The most rousing dance number in musical theatre
  • Porter, R&H, Berlin OH MY
  • Does sexism, social relevance and political incorrectness play a factor in these shows disappearing from our stages?
  • Can they be enjoyed with due consideration given to the era they were written in?
  • OR can they be modernised for future enjoyment?
  • Which show on the list makes it to another list (Musical’s with a show within the show)?
  • Listen out for Paul’s ‘Fantastix’ Irish accent
  • Which comic book didn’t rise to the fandom highs of the likes of Marvel?

Remember you could win a share of the swag of show tickets that’ll be under our Christmas tree at the Online Community Theatre Christmas Party.

WHEN: Wednesday 18th December at 7pm

WHERE: Live in Fantastix Cast and Crew Community (Facebook Group) & simulcast on 90.1NBC FM

WHO: Fantastix Production Essentials Paul Morrison & his ARTSGRAB co-host Michele Lansdown

WHO ELSE: Special guests (announced soon)

WHAT: we’ll be;

🎄talking all things theatre with our special guests

🎄playing some musical theatre tunes

🎄wrapping up 2019 (based on your feedback, see below)

🎄having some festive fun

🎄and of course, giving YOU plenty of chances to WIN!

Here is how to get involved;

  1. COMMENT on this post with the 2019 show you enjoyed most
  2. Become a member of Fantastix Cast and Crew Community
  3. Join us live on 18th December at 7pm

To be in the draw to win Steps 1 & 2 are essential. If you’re already a member of the group, it’s a no brainer 1 step entry.

Be sure to tune in LIVE to maximise your chances to WIN (some prizes will only available for live listeners)


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