Top 5 Tips for Writing & Staging a New Musical with Jye Bryant

Top 5 Tips for Writing & Staging a New Musical with Jye Bryant

Welcome to a new year of Fantastic Fantastix. Another choc-full calendar of production essentials awaits us all…<brace yourself..>

For the first episode (Episode 30) of Fantastic Fantastix of 2020 I want to stick to my promise to have a 360’ look at musical theatre. So, I thought I’d go ‘behind the scenes’ and speak with writer, composer and lyricist Jye Bryant about the top 5 tips for writing and staging a new musical. His has written and collaborated on many productions including Things I Could Never Tell Steven, Captain Moonlite, Sempre Libera, Gold Digger Nights, Adam & Steve and The Velveteen Rabbit. He also has many other projects in the works which we discuss in the interview including True Blue.

As an Author, Writing & Staging A New Musical by Jye Bryant is an instructional manual for anyone eager to create and premiere their own original piece of musical theatre.

It is filled with useful tricks, tips and templates designed to reduce the workload for creators and producers alike.

Top 5 Tips for Writing & Staging a New Musical.

  1. Is this something I can sell?
  2. Stage the Show (in an affordable way)
  3. Workshopping
  4. Acknowledge what you don’t know & collaborate
  5. Make sure the story has a song.


  • Does fear factor as an obstacle for getting new material out here in Australia?
  • Spoiler – you never meet Steven
  • Can a totally minimalist show really work?
  • Quirky Australian history you never knew explored in musicals
  • The validating nature of seeing our culture portrayed on stage
  • Are you part of the new generation of leaders in Australian Musical Theatre?
  • To have successful BIG Aussie musicals we need BIG community support
  • Are too many movies being adapted into musicals, just because they were a hit? Apologies to Ghost fans.
  • You don’t always need to sing; dialogue has its place in musicals.
  • Know what you don’t know
  • Strengthen yourself emotionally before workshops, you need real raw feedback
  • Grab the book for great budgeting tips
  • Remember there are levels of staging a show from script in hand to “helicopters”!
  • The one thing you need to do from the moment you start the project
  • Get people invested in the process of your project as early as you can
  • Checklists and templates and resources oh my!
  • Even Elmo came to Jye to find out how to write a musical!
  • If you love a good list and a blooper then this podcast is for you.
  • The difference between loving a celebrity and wanting to DO a show with them
  • It’s not one big job it’s millions of little jobs. Just eat the elephant…


More about on his website Jye Bryant and on YouTube

Get the book here

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