Top 5 Iconic Dances in Musical Theatre with Michael Osborne

Top 5 Iconic Dances in Musical Theatre with Michael Osborne

Iconic Dances in musical theatre. Episode 31 proved to be our most difficult countdown yet!

Luckily, I’ve teamed up with Michael Osborne to discuss this very subjective topic. Michael is currently appearing as Cosmo Brown in Rockdale Musical Society’s Singin’ in the Rain – which on its own contains four iconic dances.

Let the countdown begin. And 5-6-7-8…

Michael’s Top 5 Iconic Dances

  1. Good Mornin’ – Singin’ in the Rain
  2. Gym Dance – West Side Story
  3. One – A Chorus Line
  4. All That Jazz – Chicago
  5. The Club – In The Heights

Paul’s Top 5 Iconic Dances

  1. Cell Block Tango – Chicago
  2. Singin’ in the Rain – Singin’ in the Rain
  3. Step in Time – Mary Poppins
  4. Prologue – West Side Story
  5. We’re in the Money – 42nd Street

Honourable Mentions – Michael

  • Opening Audition Scene – 42nd Street
  • Jellicle Ball – Cats
  • All of Kinky Boots
  • Hand Jive – Grease

Honourable Mentions – Paul

  • One – A Chorus Line
  • Anything Goes – Anything Goes
  • I Got Rhythm – Crazy for You
  • Hey Big Spender – Sweet Charity


  • The music in this one is a CRACKER! Worth a listen for that alone
  • Other than a musical theatre upbringing what else do Paul and Michael have in common?
  • More about Whimsical Productions
  • It’s been 12 years between drinks for Michael in his current role, how is it different this time?
  • It took a specific criteria for Michael to help narrow this top 5 down! We love his well thought out countdown.
  • Paul struggled too……..lots of honourable mentions in this episode
  • Does recent modern dance have that same ICONIC flavour of the old musicals
  • F O S S E – say no more!
  • Could you say, that all the opening and closing numbers have the BEST dance numbers?
  • Who else loves the fly on the wall look at musical theatre that Chicago gives you?
  • Will anyone say KICK LINE in this episode?
  • West Side Story spoiler alert…. someone dies! Gasp!
  • Any dance performed in stiletto boots has got to rate a mention!
  • Which dance still rates in pop culture today?
  • Paul sneaks in a 5b
  • Is it even a musical without DANCE?
  • Will the dance numbers from shows like Hamilton or Kinky Boots eventually rate on a Top 5 list at some stage in the future or will the old favourites stand the test of time when it comes to iconic dance numbers?
  • Which past podcast episode guest would Michael like to sing a duet with?
  • This episode was a true challenge….which iconic dance scene would have made YOUR top 5?


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