Top 5 Musicals Based on Real People with Emilie Lawson

Top 5 Musicals Based on Real People with Emilie Lawson

There have been many, many people who have gifted the world wonderful music. Some of these people have been immortalised in a musical.

Paul speaks with Emilie Lawson, who is playing Carole King in Miranda Musical Society’s Beautiful – The Carole King Musical, about the Top 5 Musicals Based on Real People.

Emilie’s Top 5

  1. Jersey Boys
  2. Beautiful
  3. Evita
  4. The Boy From Oz
  5. Funny Girl

Paul’s Top 5

  1. Barnum
  2. The Boy From Oz
  3. Beautiful
  4. Catch Me If You Can
  5. Mack & Mabel


  • The great roles Emilie had in High School
  • Which community group blew Emilie’s socks off?
  • Quadruple threat alert!
  • Caveat for this countdown, both countdowns include shows Emilie and Paul have seen.
  • How Babs performance makes us forget Fanny Brice
  • When you think of Boy from Oz do you think of Peter Allen, Hugh Jackman, Todd McKenney or maybe even Gavin Leahy?
  • Emilie’s personal family history influences one of her choices… it Tenterfield, The Bronx, Argentina or New Jersey?
  • Allllll those Carole King songs you just didn’t realise were even Carole King songs!
  • Which show ranks at No 1 in another countdown?
  • Differences between biopics and jukebox musicals.
  • Which number 1 is becoming available to amateur groups soon?
  • Would you call PT Barnum a quadruple (sing, dance, act, circus skills) or quintuple threat (sing, dance, act, circus and businessman skills)?
  • Emilie and Paul make a bunch of assumptions about a predetermined reaction to seeing Hamilton!!
  • Whose life do you think would make a great musical. Elton John? Judy Garland? Freddie Mercury? Michael Hutchins?


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