The Top 5 Break Up Songs in Musical Theatre with Nikole Music

The Top 5 Break Up Songs in Musical Theatre with Nikole Music

As a preamble to this episode I wanted to mention that it was recorded before the issues that arose within the Performing Arts community last week, with a lot of productions being postponed of closing down. One of those productions is ‘Tell Me On A Sunday’ with D2 Productions starring Nikole Music. Nikole is my guest in today’s episode, and we discuss the Top 5 Break Up Songs in Musical Theatre. The performing arts space is doing it tough at the moment. One thing I’ve recognised In the 25 years that I’ve been involved with musical theatre is that we are a wonderful community who always look out for each other. We are all in this together. Fantastix as a company was set up to help people put on a show. Since there are no shows at the moment, I still wanted to fulfil my commitment to musical theatre and produce a podcast episode every fortnight.

I did consider not releasing episode 33 but Nikole was such a wonderful guest, the conversation was great and the top 5 Break Up Songs make up a stellar list. The music is amazing!

Look out for each other. The performing arts industry will rise above this and we will all emerge victorious. I have no doubt about that.

Nikole’s top 5

  1. Still Hurting – Last Five Years
  2. I’m Here – The Color Purple
  3. Get Out & Stay Out – 9 to 5
  4. Burn – Hamilton
  5. Tell Me On A Sunday – Tell Me On a Sunday

 Paul’s Top 5

  1. Take Back Your Mink – Guys & Dolls
  2. Gonna Wash That Man – South Pacific
  3. Serious – Legally Blonde
  4. Still Hurting – Last 5 Years
  5. Get Out & Stay Out – 9 to 5
    • 5b. Somebody Kill Me – The Wedding Singer


  • The podcast must go on
  • Which Aussie animal was Nikole in her Kindergarten play?
  • Vulnerability of one woman shows
  • D2 raw performance production style
  • Women in theatre
  • Singing in the car, everyone does it
  • What is it about watching someone performing a breakup song?
  • Have you ever experienced being part of an audience that gave a standing ovation mid song? Nikole has and tells us about it
  • Which big risk earns the no 1 position in Nikole’s count down?
  • I’m not crying, you’re crying
  • Nikole’s Social Media Poll insights
  • That towel dance!
  • Has Paul put a Guys and Dolls song in EVERY episode so far??????
  • Have you ever been stuck in a lift? Did you know there is a musical about that?
  • Lovely symmetry with the fast five and top five
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Stephanie J Block – Get Out and Stay Out (9 to 5)

D2 Productions

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