Today you’re setting up a coupon code in your event listing for discounts on your tickets. Tomorrow you will be coordinating a full dress rehearsal. Yesterday you were trawling for wigs and props. Last week you had to pay the deposit for the lighting and sound guy. Next week you needs a finalise a publicity flyer design and get it to the printer. Oh and there is also that full time ‘muggle’ job and a family to look after.

With Fantastix you can showcase your event and sell tickets through
our user friendly custom built Box Office. All you have to do is send us
your event details via an easy to fill out questionnaire, send us a copy
of your venue’s seat map and we’ll do the rest. Learn more about our
box office services here.

We have been in your shoes. We’ve trodden the boards, experienced the exhaustion of tech week, been on Community Theatre Management Committees (for over 30 years), turned up to full day rehearsals, struggled through bump-out and flipped the snags at a fundraising BBQ. We have been there and done it – we know what you are going through!

In our Fantastix Production Essentials Directory you can find all the
goods and services you will need. Costumes, props, scenery, lighting
and sound, make up, hairdressing, marketing, graphic design and PR.
This means you can get on with other things – like putting on your
event! Or for you time-poor volunteers the chance to get on with your
day job. Check out our Fantastix goods and service providers here

With everything you have on your plate the last thing you need is to be scrolling all over the net to find what you are looking for. We bring everything together in one Fantastix place.

Flyers, posters, postcards, raffle tickets, programs, pull-up banners,
Instagram frames, media walls, standees, FOH requirements, stickers,
printed props & scenery. You can source all your printed collateral from
the Fantastix Print Shop. Need a designer? No problem. We can help
with that too. With 18 years of printing experience, Fantastix has created
a network of suppliers that can produce your print requirements in a
high quality, cost effect and timely manner. Short lead-times are our
specialty. Visit our Print Shop page to learn more

If you want to advertise an audition, a cast list, an event, a production – Fantastix is with you all the way. Contact us to find out how.

Got amazing costumes, props and/or scenery? – You might have the
best Les Mis set going around! Fantastix can help you promote your
own resources to the performing art community. Fantastix is a place to
look for what YOU need but also provide what OTHERS need. 

To find out more about getting your gear listed in the Production Essentials
Directory click here.

 We’re all in this together.

If you want to engage with a like-minded community like our Facebook page, join our Facebook group. Follow us on Instagram and utilise our newsletter. We don’t mind at all…

More Fantastix Box Office Features

Embed tickets on your own website or direct them to Fantastix.com.au.

Once your event is set up, we will then send you a Fantastix link for you to embed into your website. Alternatively, if you don’t have a funky website you can direct your Patrons directly to Fantastix.com.au to facilitate the transaction.


Customise Your

Add a Company logo. Add specific T&C’s. Boost your event to like-minded supporters though our Fantastix network.

(See Our Promotional opportunities below.)

General Admission or Customised Seating Plans

Take our word for it. General Admission ticketing has never been easier.

However, do you find setting up your own seat map clunky and non user-friendly? Fantastix Producer Essentials does it for you – one less thing to do, right? 


With Fantastix you have the option to reserve tickets for your VIP’s, cast members or subscribers. The tickets can be reserved and then paid for at a later date giving your important patrons first shot at the best seats.



A well – executed call to action can give your ticket sales a boost. Use the Fantastix system to create promo codes for early bird offers. cast priority seating. VIP members, student rushes etc.

There are three ways that Fantastix can promote your event:

  • Via the provision of a unique link that you can incorporate into your social and website marketing.
  • Fantastix will list your event in our box office. Possible Patrons will be able to find you via our browser function and purchase a ticket.
  • Fantastix will join your marketing committee and promote your production via our social networks, website and newsletter.



Fantastix reports will allow you to track your revenue, patron purchases, sold out status, individual performance figures, recent sales movements and date to date reporting. Keep your Front of House informed and effective with realtime attendee lists to have on hand when required. Download CSV or excel reports to add to your existing subscriber database.


Has your patron purchased tickets to the wrong performance or accidentally ordered them twice? If so, Fantastix has the facility to refund the transaction directly back on to your Patron’s credit card. The conditions of refund are set and facilitated by you, the Producer – so this can be managed the way you want.

Box Office/
Manual Orders

Fantastix is an online system so you can access your Box Office from any data connected device. As well as selling tickets automatically online, you can complete manual orders face-to-face and over the phone. Our over-the counter boxoffice is Fantastix!

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